What’s the promotion code?

What’s the promotion code?

What’s the promotion code?

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In the business Promotion code is a coupon (can be in the form of paper or electronic coupons). When using Promotion code, you will buy goods, services at discounted prices or discounts.

The use of electronic Coupon is also used by many businesses. An electronic coupon code is usually a special character code. When making a purchase, customers can enter this code at the payment step to get a discount.

Why do companies offer promotion code?

Promotion Codes are provided by companies for customers as a policy to encourage customers to place orders. Especially with new customers (never purchase goods), companies are often willing to offer big discount coupon code to encourage customers to try goods and services.


What are the different types of promotional codes?

There are three different types of promotional codes store owners can choose from:

  • Public codes: Anyone can see or use a public promo code.
  • Private codes: Stores use private codes to target a specific group of people.
  • Restricted codes: A code that is restricted is targeted to a single user and can only be used once.

How to create a promotion code?

If you are using Virtuemart for your site,  you can go to the backend and create a promotion code for your offer.



Then to display promotion code you will need a module to display the code. In here we have Wiz promotion code module for Virtuemart. The promotion code module allows:

  • The shop owner to show the promotion code that they are running on their campaign
  • Visitors/customers to apply the code in the fastest way

When custmers shopping they’ll use the promotion code to reduce the price.

How many feature are there in our product?

  • Clean and very lightweight code
  • The eye-catching transition effects
  • Fully responsive including all effects
  • Uses hardware accelerated CSS3 and JQuery animations
  • Swipe navigation on mobile devices
  • Built with HTML5, CSS3, PHP 5.3+ and the latest jQuery version
  • Works with Joomla 3.x, Virtuemart 2.x, 3.x

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And our store: http://wizweb.io/product/wiz-promotion-code-module-for-virtuemart/

The great product is only $25 !!!

If you have any questions please contact with us:

Skype: wizweb.io

Email: neohoang@wizweb.io

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