Virtuemart is losing position???

Virtuemart is losing position???


Joomla! is a great open source to build powerful websites for any purpose. VirtueMart is an open source ecommerce solution used with Joomla. It is written in PHP and can be used in the PHP & MySQL environment. Nowadays, Virtuemart is slowly losing its position as compared to other CMSs when competing in e-commerce market. See the chart below to see how clearly Viruemart’s market share is declining:

Virtuemart is in fifth place with a 4.6% market share. Sure you are asking the question, should you use Virtuemart for your ecommerce website?

To answer this question you need to consider the following factors:

  1. You want to set up a store quickly.
  2. You don’t mind a shared hosting.
  3. Your budget is limited.
  4. You want to manage a shopping cart with minimal technical knowledge.
  5. You plan to have a small online store.

If you answers were positive – you should consider VirtueMart cart for your business.

VirtueMart is not independent shopping cart, but an eCommerce addition of a Content Management System Joomla. It has both, pros and cons for users.


VirtueMart’s plug in it is lightweight, easy in installation and customization

It is optimal for startups and small sized stores, as it allows to set up a store quickly.

It is not so demanding as Magento in regards to hosting requirements, so you’ll not need special technical skills for managing the cart.

The huge advantage of the shopping cart is that there is solid documentation for beginners to provide help with evolving problems.

VirtueMart boasts of advanced Content management system features including SEO friendly URLs, template support, administrative panel with multiple languages


Your control over the platform is limited by Joomla.

Therefore, if you are looking for an effective eCommerce solution with minimal time and financial consumption and easy administration, VirtueMart will suit you best. Virtuemart retains its style in its segment. You should use Virtuemart for your website and do not need to worry about system problems. Wizweb.io is always available to advise and assist you with solutions for Virtuemart

Wizweb.io specializes in providing solutions for Virtuemart systems with outstanding products such as:

Theme / Template for Virtuemart

Extensions for Virtuemart

In addition, we also provide services to build the plugin or template according to your request. Please contact us at address:


Email: info@wizweb.io

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