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Joomla! 3.8.0 Release

The Joomla! Project is proud to announce the release of Joomla! 3.8, the latest in the Joomla! 3 series. This new release features over 300 improvements to the popular CMS, with two primary major features aimed at developers: the new routing system and the beginning of a forward compatibility layer with Joomla! 4.0. Additionally, two security issues have been resolved.

What’s new about Joomla 3.7?

Joomla 3.7

The latest open source update has been updated to the latest version 3.7. Joomla 3.7 is the latest in the ‘Joomla! 3’ series.  This is the most complete upgrade in 2017. And it includes a lot of new features, unlike previous upgrades.

As you all know Joomla is the CMS used to design the most popular web today. It helps you to create the most powerful customizable website environment. One weakness of Joomla is that security is not as strong as other open source web design templates.

And to improve on this weakness, Joomla version 3.7.0 will give you complete freedom to choose it. This new release features over 700 improvements to the popular CMS, including many features which make administration of Joomla! Web sites easier and more feature-rich, as well as several security updates.

So what’s new about this version include? I will describe more clearly about this upgrade.

Wiz Ajax Cart for Virtuemart: What’s the special features?

Wiz Ajax Cart for Virtuemart: What’s the special features?

wiz ajax cart for virtuemart

Extension ajax cart for Virtuemart is very popular on the market today. If you go to Joomla Extension Directory you can see more 20 software company buy it. Because in some cases, Virtuemart is not optimized for a shopping site, its default add-to-cart process is a weakness which pages have to reload everytime shopper add, edit, delete product into their cart. This lengthy process annoy shopper and reduce the friendly user’s experience, in which, will reduce your sale volume. Owners of website need to improve sale volume so they need to buy ajax cart extension for their Virtuemart.



How many step should have on online checkout 

Each time for click, each step in the checkout process will be increased the risk of leaving the customer. We have to admit that the payment process has as few steps as possible. The required billing form takes quite a long time of the customer. If every click on the steps they have to open a new page with a very long form fill information will make them feel tired when shopping at your online store.



Joomla has a lot of benefits in the design of your website! As an open source, free and available to everyone, with a range of great features, improved performance and added after each update of Joomla. With millions of users worldwide, we can say that Joomla is on track to grow rapidly on a solid foundation.

Installation One page checkout for Virtuemart


The most complicated part of placing an order online is checkout, and many users give up their order in final step. Some customers will be motivated enough to buy inspite how difficult – but others will be lost due to the complex to check out.

Nobody click banner advertising Why still hot???

The banner ads are no longer strangers to everyone. We can see it anywhere on the Internet, from news sites, music sharing sites and social networks. Much of this banner leading to other sites, serving ads for brands and to introduce a certain event.

Some people think that banner are most effective  really only when users click on them. When users click on the banner actively advertise, they will be directed to a page other content, with more information that advertisers provide. That is the purpose of the ad do when they buy an ad banner.

However, everyone knows that the user never liked the ad, they ignore it, they even use the app to hide ads for less “itchy eyes”. If the user does not click, do not even want to see the ads so what is the benefits of them is brought to businessmen?