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What’s new about Joomla 3.7?

Joomla 3.7

The latest open source update has been updated to the latest version 3.7. Joomla 3.7 is the latest in the ‘Joomla! 3’ series.  This is the most complete upgrade in 2017. And it includes a lot of new features, unlike previous upgrades.

As you all know Joomla is the CMS used to design the most popular web today. It helps you to create the most powerful customizable website environment. One weakness of Joomla is that security is not as strong as other open source web design templates.

And to improve on this weakness, Joomla version 3.7.0 will give you complete freedom to choose it. This new release features over 700 improvements to the popular CMS, including many features which make administration of Joomla! Web sites easier and more feature-rich, as well as several security updates.

So what’s new about this version include? I will describe more clearly about this upgrade.

Top 5 Plugin WordPress necessary for website

Top 5 Plugin WordPress necessary for website



WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world today. It started out as a blog platform-specific, but have developed and improved considerably over the years. Currently, more than 40% of websites using CMS is using WordPress. In addition, we have over 60 million websites are using WordPress. If we use WordPress without using the plugin, this is a huge omission. The plugin was developed to improve the WordPress platform to a new level, helping to put WordPress to become one of the best CMS platform world.

Here are 5 commonly used WordPress Plugin website. Everybody reference offline: