Do you know your website is a professional customer consultant?

Do you know your website is a professional customer consultant?

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People often think the website is where you post products and services for customers to visit and shop. That is absolutely true however that is only a very small part that Ecommerce website made. If you are a fashion shop owner you certainly know that the cost of hiring a concierge is not low. So why do not you turn your website into a sales consultant?

How to do?

When a customer buys a product at your store, if you make suggestions about similar items or come with your product, there is a high probability the customer will buy them. For example, if you are selling lipstick such as lip masks, lip balm or make-up remover, your customers will have a need for that product and the ability to sell them at the same time.

It is because of the suggestions that your website has become a customer consultant. It offers customers something they should buy or care about. The benefits bring so much but you do not have to pay for it like a human.

What’s need?

You need to install a module that allows customers to view other related items or groups. If you use Joomla and Virtuemart, our Wiz Bought Together Module is what you need. This extension will help customer to narrow their desire stuff, delineate more items to combine with the one they picked (it is necessary to a clothing shop) and the most important elements that this helps them to save time In the web owner side, the module will help them to increase their sale because it is an intelligent way to advertise and marketing product. Customers only pay attention to what they want, and this module bring them their desire base on what they bought Once embedded, Bought Together displays related products in a neat, comfortable and modern way, employing smooth and eye-catching AJAX and JavaScript effects.

Main features

  • Clean and very lightweight code
  •  With eye-catching transition effects
  • Fully responsive including all effects
  • Uses hardware accelerated CSS3 and JQuery animations
  • Supports HTML captions
  • Swipe navigation on mobile devices
  • Built with HTML5, CSS3, PHP 5.3+ and the latest jQuery version
  • Works with Joomla and WordPress

How much for it?

Our product is ONLY $25!!! It’s very cheap but bring out unexpected results for your sales. 

How to buy?

You can go to visit our shop on: 

Joomla Extension Directory: https://extensions.joomla.org/…/wiz-bought-together-produc…/

Our website: http://wizweb.io/…/wiz-bought-together-products-module-vir…/

Contact us if you have any questions:

Skype: wizweb.io

Email: info@wizweb.io



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