One of the most important step of e-commerce is check out. The easier and faster the checkout process, the moretime saving, customer pleasing and business gets profit. Knowing the important of this final step and want to help web users increase their revenue, we proudly present to you a solution in check out and payment: the Wiz one page checkout extension (Wiz OPC)

The Wiz OPC extension integrate quotation, quantity, total payment, billing info, order review, shipping address, payment method in just one single . It helps customers easily understand, recheck and instant calculation their cart value and the most important thing is saving time. This extension reduces at least 3 steps from choosing product to finally confirming payment.

The more pages are integrated, the more professional the website is on the visitors’ eyes. Now a days, many trading is happened on mobile or tablet, so our extension is also running to the trend. Wiz OPC is 100% responsive design and allow users to check out with any devices. What’s more? Wiz OPC is very easy to install, use and customize. The extension is lightweight and integrates easily with full compatible to virtue mart store.

When installing, users or web developers can choose the layout and any colors they want for the theme, background, font, text…to suitable with the whole website. If you don’t want to spend much time in choosing colors, we also offer you 8 basic color schemes. More over, the checkout part is a lightweight module so you also can adjust it to be on the right side or in horizontal side (parallel with the toolbar).

The Ajax login is also integrated and fully support customers with register, login or forgot passwords. Anti-spam reduce customers annoying while shopping

Gather all payment and check out process in one page

This extension reduces at least 3 steps from choosing product to finally confirming payment.

100% Responsive design

You can checkout everywhere with any device

An eye
catching interface

8 colorpicker available

Ajax pop up for login fogot password to enhance customer experience

Using CSS3 to create checkout of layout with animation and interactivity and helping a checkout process run smoothly and attractively.

We built One page checkout extension with proper SEO and HTML5 best practices that will improve your site rankings

Every module can be changed text, font..

Customized Colors

Every module can be changed colors, background colors, text, font, integrated with the visual editor.

It is very convenient for you to choose the method to checkout wherever you are available

Support all standard
payment methods

Supports auto coupon by 3rd party such as AWO Coupons

Support all standard VirtueMart Shipment Methods


4 reviews for Wiz One page checkout for Virtuemart

  1. 5 out of 5


    Nice extension, must-have.

    Amazed for the efficiency and professionalism of the team service.Good price for the extension.

  2. 5 out of 5


    User friendly extension!
    Really good extension. Its easy to install and use. User friendly. Support is really good.

  3. 5 out of 5


    Great extension, superb support!!

    It works as expected creating an easy checkout process for the website customers. Excellent addon to Virtuemart I recommend.

    Tks Hoang.

  4. 5 out of 5


    OPC worked out of the box like a charm. A must have for great online shops.

    I had further Joomla & Virtuemart questions and noticed a high quality support that I never had before. Thank you Hoang for your fantastic job!

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