The Wiz Flyer banner pro module takes your product showcase to the next level. It provides a sleek way to show multiple sets of items and uses smooth effects while looping through them.

Together with Wiz popup plug-in, we also create another similar product for online store which is running marketing campaign: the wiz flyer banner

This plug in, somehow, is the same with popup which main function is to release new promotion or product news. However, if popup displays the information right in the middle of home screen and prevents customer from doing anything before closing, flyer, beside, is smaller, running along the pages without bother customer.

Wiz banner flyer is flexible, compatible with many existing plug in, and customizable. Users can easily configure and install this plug in into new or existing website

  • Users can upload their design, news, image by directing link or browse from their computer
  • Flyers can be moved and placed/positioned on the left or the right side of page
  • Flyers can be adjust in width and height
  • Users can choose to display the banner on every reload times. This function will help to remind customer or reduce annoying for showing the same information every time
  • This plug-in is also responsive in mobile or tablet. Moreover, users can also choose whether or not display banner on mobile device
  • Enable users to choose which page of the website will display this banner: all pages or selected?
  • Hide flyer button for both computer and mobile device
  • Control who will see the pop up including public, guest, registered, super user, special …
  • Cache time


  • Clean and very lightweight code
  • Eye-catching transition effects
  • Fully responsive including all effects
  • Support of named custom sets
  • Swipe navigation on mobile phones
  • Built with HTML5, CSS3, PHP 5.3+ and the latest jQuery version
  • Works with Joomla and WordPress