Nobody click banner advertising Why still hot???

Nobody click banner advertising Why still hot???

Nobody click banner advertising  Why still hot???

The banner ads are no longer strangers to everyone. We can see it anywhere on the Internet, from news sites, music sharing sites and social networks. Much of this banner leading to other sites, serving ads for brands and to introduce a certain event.

Some people think that banner are most effective  really only when users click on them. When users click on the banner actively advertise, they will be directed to a page other content, with more information that advertisers provide. That is the purpose of the ad do when they buy an ad banner.

However, everyone knows that the user never liked the ad, they ignore it, they even use the app to hide ads for less “itchy eyes”. If the user does not click, do not even want to see the ads so what is the benefits of them is brought to businessmen?


It is no coincidence that enterprises choose this kind of advertising, banner ads bring a lot of intangible benefits for many companies.

Branding: This is the first basic benefits that markerter want. When the image is showed 3 times, customers remembered a few details about your brand whether bad banner or messages is too faint. For new businesses want into the market attack, they just need that.

Compared to other companies never seen, heard of, the customers will choose products of the company make an impression to them.

Increasing the amount of potential customers: If you are lucky to have a number of people who click on the banner , more or less , it is also seen as potential buyers of your company’s future, because only those who are interested in the your new product to take action like click.

Demonstrate class: It sounds a bit weird but really is like, because if you put an ad in a site has no reputation, your brand could be easily equated. Instead of that, you should spend much money enough to put banner ads in a number of hot positions, expensive in large sites . This is also a way to demonstrate your level. Choosing the best position for your ads which is very important for your brand.

Collecting customer information instantly: Unlike other forms of advertising such as television, newspapers, radio… banner ads enables interaction with users quickly and easily than ever before . From a banner was posted, readers can click on the website and fill out personal information to get a certain benefit from the company (possibly voucher promotions, gifts or even buying). Where by businesses can have a pretty quite for data whether using email marketing is also unopposed.

Knowing marketing campaign results immediately: This is considered a significant advancement of banner advertising versus other forms (only the results after a certain time that and not exactly 100%). When you hung up banners you can check how many people click through banner or how many people see it by measuring the amount of impression …

Depending on the objectives of each campaign that marketers will focus on one of forms. But one thing is sure, from these results , you can keep or change the design of the banner immediately rather than wait after the campaign is finished .

With the above benefits, is not difficult to explain why the common banner ads population.


In addition to placing advertising banners on other websites consume costly , you can display the banner on your site. WIZ FLYER BANNERS PRO MODULE is an excellent solution for you!


 Why choose our product?

  • 100% FREE:

You can download and install this amazing module without paying any cost to  us

  • Easily configure and install:

Wiz banner flyer is flexible, compatible with many existing plug in, and customizable. you can easily configure and install this plug in into new or existing website

  • Easily design as your idea:

You can upload their design, news, image by directing link or browse from your computer. Flyers can be moved and placed/positioned on the left or the right side of page and adjust in width and height

You can choose to display the banner on every reload times. This function will help to remind customer or reduce annoying for showing the same information every time

  • Display on any device:

This plug-in is also responsive in mobile or tablet. Moreover, users can also choose whether or not display banner on mobile device

  • Reduce annoying of customers:

You can choose to display the banner on every reload times. This function will help to remind customer or reduce annoying for showing the same information every time. Hide flyer button for both computer and mobile device.

  • Select the page displayed banner ads:

Enable users to choose which page of the website will display this banner: all pages or selected?
Control viewers:

  • Control viewers:

Control who will see the pop up including public, guest, registered, super user, special …

Download and Install Rightnow!

  • Download:


  • Demo:


  • Installation: Clip detailed instructions:


Wish you success with Wiz Flyer Banner Pro module!

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