How to increase the sales?

How to increase the sales?

How to increase the sales-

How to increase the sales?

It is using “word of mouth” between customers to customer. It is the best advertising, very cheap and bring an effective for your business . But how to do it in e-commerce? Don’t worry, because Wiz Customer Product review module will be your smart solution.

While having your own business online, the most important tool is sharing customer feedback and review. As you can see, many huge social networks like tweeter, facebook also using the customer review on the selling page of their network. So your Virtuemart website certainly has to have this great feature!

Having a customer review systems on your online shop definitely gains customer faith and belief in your business. It proves that many people are using your product as well as their satisfaction. Customer review is the best advertising and marketing without any cost.

Moreover, our module is clean design, able to set up the review group : 5 stars, new review or random. It will help users to choose the best category that meet their purposes. In design, user can set the column, margin to fit with their website page.

View our main features:

• Responsive design – able to display well in smart phone, tablet

• Choosing assess groups : public, guest, registers…

• Sorted according to 5 star review, newest or random

• Displayed in horizontal side or in the left column of page

• Easy to install ( virtuemart – joomla module)

• Using Jquery and Isotop technique

• Lightweight and loading fast module

And more other features for your Virtuemart!

So How much to download it???

This is a completely free product we build for everyone – who are using Virtuemart and need this functionality to drive revenue.

Download FREE  on Joomla Extension Directory: https://extensions.joomla.org/…/wiz-product-review-for-vir…/

Or our catalog: http://wizweb.io/…/wiz-customer-product-reviews-pro-module…/

If you have any questions, please contact with us:

Skype: wizweb.io

Mail: info@wizweb.io



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