How to start a pizza shop

How to start a Pizza Shop?

How to start a Pizza Shop?

How to start a Pizza Shop?

Have you dreamed of becoming a pizza restaurant owner?  But you still don’t know how to start a good pizza business. Pizza is a popular dish all over the world that is favored especially by young people. So a pizza shop business is not too difficult to manage and boost sales.

So how you can start to get your pizza shop at low cost? In this article we will show you the most effective way of doing business.

Step 1: Learn to make pizza.

(If you want to make by yourself)

foodies' appendixYour bakery store will sell the best cakes made by your own hands. What better than that? Let’s start with the basic to advanced courses at prestigious cookery centers. From choosin materials to cooking utensils is also a big issue you need to learn. Besides the recipes, do not forget the tips shared by chefs to get the perfect pizza. If you are only planning to own a shop and hire well-known chefs to work for you, you can skip this step.

Step 2: Start everything with a perfect plan

We can not start something without a plan. Please draw out the point you will make. Starting from the 5 Wh – 1 H questions?

What? What will you sell?tumblr_inline_nt3jh9MFcd1taz9zi_1280

A shop can not serve all types of pizza, choose the best pizza you or your chef can make. And build your restaurant menu.



Group Of Teenagers Eating PizzaWhy? Why will customers buy your pizza without another place?

Listen to what your customers say and pay attention to what they do. Why did they buy pizza at A or B pizza? After observing your customers’ buying behavior, you will know what your store needs to satisfy your customers.

Where? Where will you sell?Location-Based-Marketing-1

Imagine where you would sell your great pizza, a famous gastronomic street or a small shop in a densely populated area …

CalendarWhen? When will you sell?

Of course when you are ready to open your store. However, choosing the right time is also very important. Your hot pizza will taste better if served in the cold season.


Who? Who would you sell to?foodies' appendix (1)

Identifying the right target audience gave you more than 50% success. Identify the most basic elements of your client (age, gender, interests, behavior, etc.) as well as compare to the location of your choice.

How,  Colorful words hang on rope by wooden peg

How? How will you sell?

The Wh questions above have helped you zone customers, now to the deployment. Please provide specific and detailed answers to the five Wh questions above and you will know what you need to do.


Step 3: Go into each specific action before you open shop

With the plan outlined, you start the smallest steps to perfect your pizza store such as logo creation, location selection in accordance with budget, complete legal procedures related to activities. Business operations, food safety certification, preparation of investment capital…

Step 4: Open store

You need to carry out the following activities in this phase: create a main menu, hire more employee, decor your shop and conduct advertising activities through the internet, newspapers, leaflets …Then just wait for customers go to your store and listen to their comments about food and service quality so that you can improve them.

TIP for youWiz Hot Pizza Shop Template

Above are the steps you need to get a pizza shop like that. However, if your budget is limited or you can not find a good place to open a store, online pizza business is also a good solution for you. Simply having a detailed plan requires you to have a professional sales website. Currently, the use of Virtuemart for e-commerce websites is very popular. And for us, the creative team that develops extensions and templates for Joomla and Virtuemart with 5 years of experience in the industry would like to introduce you to the product Wiz HOT pizza shop for your Virtuemart.

With unique features like:

pizza-shop-quick-menuQuick Menu

The left column menu helps customers to choose the food quicker



pizza-shop-bought-togetherBought togethers

Our page is integrated with Bought together function which allowing customer to buy more related product at the same time This transcendent function will rouse customer to buy more as well as help them to decide faster


pizza-shop-one-page-checkoutOne page checkout

This is the only template that integrated this function. Just a few filling out information in the right column, the customer is able to finish and send an order to the shop. This function increases 70% order quantity!! why? because many customers feel annoying and time-consuming in the process of : login in, choose their desired product again, fill bunches of question… Checking out process is now only on one page and helps customers save time and money,too

The Wiz HOT Pizza Shop is the product you should use for your online pizza shop to more easily manage and promote your brand to more customers. Please visit our detailed products at: Thank you for taking the time to read this article!

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