Our upcoming new extension in this February


Our upcoming new extension in this February


This next February, wizweb is will be launch the new product – Wiz Pro Popup plugin. It’s upgrading of product Wiz esay popup plugin. Wiz Pro Popup plugin are created to meet the needs of customers, with many more outstanding features.

Welcome to Lunar new year Dinh Dau 2017 with Wizweb.io


Hello everyone, Today, I talking about of Lunar New Year in Viet Nam. 2017 is called Dinh Dau. Lunar New Year is the most important holiday in Vietnam and the East Asian countries. Before Tet, often have another day to prepare as the “Tao Quan flies to the heaven” (23 December lunar calendar) and “The End Day of Year” (December 29 or 30 lunar).

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The year has many change is coming to the end, we would like to take this opportunity and show you the improvements and changes of us in 2016. First of all we want you to know that we always appreciate feedback from you and thank you for choosing wiz to be an important partner in your projects. In 2016, in addition to improving product quality, add some new products on extensions for Joomla, We are proud to have launched a website on web development service called wizworks.io. Customers using Joomla and WordPress services on this website is increasing, we are proud to have tried and efforts to bring the best service to customers.

Christmas and New Year is coming, We wish you and your family a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year, and prosperity in 2017!

Christmas holidays – NO Limited support

Once in a while, the Christmas holidays are especially important, however we still support you continuously and without any restrictions. You can rest assured that your projects will not be any delay.

20% Christmas discount

Between November 25, 2016 to January 02, 2017, the following coupon code will provide you with a 20% discount for all products and services that you order from our website.


Mike’s advice to open shop online

c946be578aa53dc2df6ad28742ce7db2Hello everyone, I’m Mike, I study at Florida SouthWestern State College and own a sports clothing shop online. Today I would like to share experiences about how to increase the sales that I am using and achieve results than expected.


2One of the special holidays in the Vietnamese culture that is Mid-Autumn Festival. Everywhere in my country, a joyful and bustling atmosphere of the Festival has steeped the place. Not only Vietnam, Mid-Autumn Festival also in many other Asian countries such as Korea, China, Japan, Singapore … Mid-Autumn Festival has become the largest traditional festival, held each year headlining with its own identity and customs.

Today WizTeam will introduce you to the origins and meaning of the Mid-Autumn Festival.


04How to use social networking in business online effectively?
About benefits of Social Networking gives enterprises we don’t argue anymore, but how to use most effectively to bring the not everyone knows. This article I will share my experience to help you are more successful business on social networks.