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Wiz Virtuemart product carousel module

Wiz Virtuemart product carousel module



The Wiz Virtuemart product carousel module takes your product showcase to the next level. It provides a sleek way to show multiple sets of items and uses smooth effects while looping through them

Wiz Top Free Extensions for Virtuemart

Wiz Top Free Extensions for Virtuemart



Website is an amazing tool that provides anyone the means to grow their business. But the first difficults is creating a website with the great, easy feature to use and control your work growth your productivity. To help you get started easy and quickly, we introduce for you Top Free Extensions on this list contains solutions that will help you manage and organize your work. Each of these plugins is up-to-date, ensuring you’ll get the most out of compatible resources. Let’s go and discover Wiz Top Free Extensions for Virtuemart!  

Why do you need Wiz One page checkout for Virtuemart ?

Why do you need Wiz One page checkout for Virtuemart ?




Our Wizteam – We proudly present to you a solution in check out and payment: The Wiz one page checkout extension (Wiz OPC)

As you all know.. One of the most important step of e-commerce is check out. The easier and faster the checkout process, the moretime saving, customer pleasing and business gets profit. Knowing the important of this final step and want to help web users increase their revenue

Products module for Virtuemart

Products Module For Virtuemart



Modules for virtuemart new generation built with HTML5, CSS3 programming language, PHP 5.3+ and the latest jQuery version with the following basic FEATURES:

Top 5 Plugin WordPress necessary for website

Top 5 Plugin WordPress necessary for website



WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world today. It started out as a blog platform-specific, but have developed and improved considerably over the years. Currently, more than 40% of websites using CMS is using WordPress. In addition, we have over 60 million websites are using WordPress. If we use WordPress without using the plugin, this is a huge omission. The plugin was developed to improve the WordPress platform to a new level, helping to put WordPress to become one of the best CMS platform world.

Here are 5 commonly used WordPress Plugin website. Everybody reference offline:

Why WordPress easy SEO?

Why WordPress easy SEO?



If you are someone who uses WordPress (WP), you will easily realize why WordPress is a powerful platform so. WordPress is easy to use and completely free, full of plugins / add-ons to help customize the site, flexibility for the use of SEO tips, or blog suit your needs demand. I do not deny that the content management system like Joomla others, Woocommerce is not worthy choice for wordpress website builder that is quite special when it comes to SEO. 

Below are the factors why WordPress is the best platform for creating successful SEO in your seo.

Use the plugin for WooCommerce website sales

Use the plugin for WooCommerce website sales



Besides the default WooCommerce functionality that support us, you can also install additional plugins, so that for your website in line with the customer’s criteria more. here are some plugins that you use for WooCommerce website sales.

Love Code and Love You

Love code and Love you


Topic on this day speaks somewhat on the meaning of my article below. IT – they love the work as his own love lovers, “love code and love you”.