7 points of iphone X over iphone 8

7 points of iphone X over iphone 8

Beside to the two lines of iPhone 8/8 Plus, Apple has released a special version of the iPhone X with a number of high-end features for the 10th anniversary launch Iphone. As an influential phone, the iPhone X owns major changes not only in previous iPhone models, but also in the iPhone 8 that debuted on the same day. Let’s take a look at the differences of the iphone X in this article!

1. OLED display supports HDR

The HDR-enabled OLED display is a new addition to Apple’s LCD instead of the IPS found on the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus offers a significantly higher contrast ratio of 1,000,000: 1 with 1,300: 1 (iPhone 8 Plus) and 1,400: 1 (iPhone 8).

The OLED display that Apple is calling the Super Retina HD screen can display deeper black tones. This is done by turning off the pixels that are displayed in black and the normal LCD screen, which are retained. Not only that, the OLED screen can significantly save battery life.

2. Longer battery life

iPhone X actually has better battery life than the iPhone 8!

At the event, we did not see Apple disclose the battery life experience in its phones, but it said that the iPhone 8 would have the same battery life as the iPhone 7, so the iPhone 8 Plus would be similar to the iPhone 7 Plus. . Most importantly, the company claims that the iPhone X can last two hours longer than the iPhone 7.


With all this, you only need to do some simple tricks with an OLED screen like using a static wallpaper or turning on night mode with some applications … you will save quite a bit of time. used on iPhone X

3. Dual OIS anti-shake and large aperture cameras

All three new iPhones come with 12MP and 7MP cameras for the front camera, but only the iPhone X and the iPhone 8 Plus add a sensor to the camera. Dual cameras on the machine as usual: a wide angle and a telephoto.

  • Optical Image Stabilizer (OIS) is one of the features applied by many phone companies around the world. For iPhone X, the company’s built-in anti-shake for both cameras, unlike the iPhone 8 Plus, only has OIS on the wide-angle camera, so the camera is still vibrating and the picture quality is not guaranteed.
  • Secondly, the telephoto lens of the iPhone 8 Plus has an aperture of f / 2.8, while the iPhone X has a telephoto f / 2.2 lens, producing a slightly lighter curve and better coverage with telephoto lenses on the iPhone X.

4. Face ID

Face ID is one of the most important features of this flagship smartphone. The iPhone X screen spills the entire machine area, leaving only a small bar on top, including a sensor that includes the new TrueDepth camera. This means that there is no legendary Touch ID sensor and is replaced with face recognition.

Instead, only with the iPhone X, you will have to use your Face ID to unlock it on your phone. The camera uses an infrared camera, a spotlight and infrared sensor with over 30,000 invisible dots to construct and collate all the contours of your face. And since there’s no Touch ID, you’ll use a Face ID to authenticate your purchases with Apple Wallet.

Face ID can also understand whether you want to log into the phone, which means it will not unlock the lock screen when you do not want it, such as when you read the message.

Because of the complex technology, the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus will not be usable. But at least Touch ID on it.

5. Portrait Mode with Front Camera

Portrait Mode is the only photo-deletion feature available with the iPhone 7 Plus’s rear camera, which is integrated on both the iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone X. However, thanks to the power of the sensor on the front of the iPhone X, TrueDepth camera can also capture with potrait mode.

6. Portrait Lightning Mode with front camera


Not to stop there, Portrait Lightning – a new face scan feature that calculates your facial responses to different lighting situations to create a bright effect – performed by the TrueDepth camera in front.

This feature brings the portraits to a whole new level, not only distinguishing the background and the subject, the machine will multiplex the subject with different backgrounds such as nature, studio, stage lighting …

7. Animoji

Animoji is a feature that uses TrueDepth camera to read and analyze “more than 50 different motions” to reflect your expression on 12 different anoichi (or animations). Think about the Animal Face Filter of Snapchat, but instead of superimposing a picture on your face, your facial expressions are imitated by an emoji!

Animoji is created in Messages and can also be recorded at the same time. Animoji is showing and recording your voice and sending can send to others via text message.


The iPhone X actually has significant improvements over previous Apple products. What is this iPhone still can do superior to the previous life? Please look forward to great tech products and comment on them on wizweb.io 

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