Share experience opening a restaurant Pizza

Share experience opening a restaurant Pizza

Wiz Hot Pizza Shop for Virtuemart 

Hi all,

My name is Tracy and today I will share my own experience about opening a restaurant

I learn Finance major and when I am graduated, it is very hard to find a good job. Moreover, my passion since I was a child is opening my own restaurant. Of course I am not very confident to take part in some game show like MasterChef or Foodrace truck race to win the first prize and get all the attention of social… I mean it is very hard to archive, just like a daydream. I start to consider my dream to be serious while I talked with my aunt, who is a cook. She said it was not that difficult to open a restaurant because she knows I am good at cooking, but it is difficult to get attention while you fresh in this realm

Luckily for me, nowadays, everything can share on the internet, not being narrowed down in your small town. I start up by get capital from my parents and local bank, together with my friend who is in charge of Marketing. We rent a perfect location and share many good photos on social networks like facebook, instagram, twitter

However, I think it is not very professional to marketing on social network. Of course many people are using them, but the fact that those apps can’t become your official commercial website haunting me for nights. So I decided to build my own website.

I heard about Wizweb.io in a very famous page of magento. The team is young, passionate, dedicated and somehow, I found myself at first stage of my career on them. They introduce me about template name:” Wiz Hot Pizza Shop for Virtuemart”  I have to admit that it is a perfect template for everyone who wants to build a website of selling food online

At first, this template is designed for ordering pizza; however, the design is clean, lightweight and suitable with every kind of food (in my case, Italian food).  It is a beautiful, stunning template with modern design and catching-eyes colors. Beside the traditional toolbars menu, it also has the quick menu with favorite and must try item that you can add on. The template is integrated with many up-to-date extensions like : one page check out ( which help customer to save much time and increase orders up to 70%),  bought together ( offer customer suggestion relate to the one they ordered)…

The most comfortable part of using this template is that I got 100% support from Wizweb team. My website now is professional and I am very happy with that.

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